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FREE Weight Control clinic at Isabelle Vets

Isabelle Vets operate a weight control nurse clinic every afternoon at the Route Isabelle Surgery.

Isabelle Vets is very aware that overweight animals lead to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, poor skins and general ill health as they get older. A healthy pet has more fun and will live a full and happy life.

Trained veterinary nurses will weigh and body score your cat or dog and using a computer program will work out a calorie controlled diet that with time will allow safe and gentle dieting.

Our staff are very aware that owner compliance is essential for healthy pet dieting and they will give many tips on how to make the process interesting and successful without being stressful to pet and owner alike.

Choosing the correct nutrition for the age and type of animal is all important and this will be explained fully at the free consultation.

If you are concerned that your pet may be overweight and would like to enroll your pet for an initial weight check and introductory nutritional consultation the please phone 723863 or Book an Appointment.