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Lost Pet Advice

The rules for finding a lost pet.

  1. Check all rooms, attic spaces, sheds and green‑houses on your property.
  2. Phone and speak to all of your neighbours who may know your pet. Many eyes are better than two!
  3. Phone the GSPCA and each of the Islands veterinary surgeries to see if your pet has been found (perhaps injured).
  4. Phone Island FM (tel:248888) and ask to post the details on ‘Pet‑Patrol’ for lost pets.
  5. Register with or phone (723863) or visit Isabelle Vets at Route Isabelle, St.Peter Port and get our staff to enter your lost pet on the website. This is a community, FREE service.
  6. Use the on‑line poster facility and place them strategically around the neighbourhood.
  7. Phone all of your friends around the Island. It is surprising how far a lost pet can travel. Get them to tell their friends and make them all aware of so they can log progress.
  8. If still missing after 48hours we advise that you place an advert in the Guernsey Press and that you phone again the GSPCA and local vets to double check that your pet has not been found.

Speed recovery by Microchipping your Pet

Safeguard your pet’s identity with an implanted microchip.

‘Tracer’ is the internationally recognised, microchip identification system for your pet. It can be used in any species; dog, cat, horse and even your parrot or rabbit. The microchip is easily implanted by injection, through a needle; it is permanent, invisible, and tamper proof. Once in place it provides an identification system for life.

At the time of implantation the microchip details and information about you, your pet and the Practice will be entered on the ‘Petlog’ database, a 24 hour, 365 day a year facility endorsed by the RSPCA and the Kennel Club. If your pet is lost, all vets and animal charities including the GSPCA on Guernsey or on the mainland have scanners that locate the ‘Tracer’ microchip number. This information is sent to ‘Petlog’ who will register your pet on their database and send you the details by rapid return in the post.

This microchip is registered for use in the Pet Travel Scheme and so if you wish to take your pet abroad, the first requirement on this scheme is to have your pet microchipped.

Our Practice and the animal charities regularly receive stray and injured animals which are rapidly reunited with their owners thanks to the microchip system. We are seeing an increasing numbers of pet owners using the Tracer microchip as it provides peace of mind.

‘Tracer’ microchip implantation can be done at the time of any routine veterinary examination, vaccination or surgery or by our trained Veterinary Nurses.